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Are Slimline Aluminium Windows A Security Risk?

21 September, 2023

With the rising number of homeowners looking to renovate with security in mind, don’t overlook aluminium slimline windows as a viable choice to keep your home safe. They’re far tougher and more reliable than you might think. The three common factors that make homeowners concerned about their safety when it comes to slimline windows are:

Misconception #1: Thin Aluminium Framed Windows Break Easily

Aluminium windows feature frames that are even slimmer than their uPVC counterparts to allow more natural light into your home. As a result, many homeowners gloss over their durability as a security feature.

In actuality, their metal frames make them difficult to cut or break through. Unlike wood or uPVC, no would-be thief could pry off or saw through this material without using tools that are loud enough to alert the whole neighbourhood.

Misconception #2: The Thin Glass Is An Opening For Break-Ins

One of the more common misconceptions about slimline frames is that their glass is so fragile that a light stone throw could break through the glass. Unless you've been unfortunate enough to have had your windows installed by second-rate industry professionals, we can assure you that won't happen. Here at Alufold, we've implemented an internally glazed design with 28mm thickness and offer several double glazing options and additional security upgrades.

Misconception #3: Slimline Windows Get Weaker Over Time

In actuality, our aluminium slimline windows are designed with longevity in mind. Unlike wood or uPVC, aluminium framed windows don't rot, bow or crack when dealing with the sun's UV light and the worst of weather conditions. On average a uPVC window which doesn't absorb moisture like wood, lasts around 20 years, whereas aluminium windows can last up to or over an entire decade longer (30-40 years).

In Reality...

Our Slimline Window Design comes equipped with a sophisticated multi-point locking mechanism, providing the highest level of security for the best possible protection and peace of mind. The high-security locks meet and beat PAS 24 standards, which are required for new homes.

We believe that, in addition to being a sleek and beautiful option, our windows must give the highest level of safety. All basic AluFold units include toughened safety glass, which is not only incredibly difficult to break but also provides maximum security from external dangers.

For those who still need that extra peace of mind, we also have a line of laminated specs that do not shatter and instead, hold together the same way a car windshield would.

Our Slimline Windows Are Accredited For Their Security & Durability

For Security: Alufold is a direct member of Secured By Design (SBD), an organisation purpose-built to identify a product's quality with security in mind. We have a line of slimline windows that meets and exceeds SBD's Police Preferred Specifications.

For Durability: Aside from the weather resistance of our aluminium frames, all of our aluminium windows are extensively tested to BRE Standards.The results of our slimline aluminium windows' tests show that they are airtight and resistant to water infiltration, which not only meets BRE standards but exceeds them. This is because we've found that the windows are very resistant to wind loads and repeated pressure cycles.

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